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Hi Im checking my valve clearence and its that.
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I think that the two infront of intake system are inlet valves in this case the meassures are 0.25mm and 0.20 mm the exhaust ones are 0.20mm both

I want to the meassurements of inlet valves in 0.15

My shims a think are the original one dont have a number and i think that are 2.0mm i will take the meassurement again beacause a friend will give a professional tool for that

In valve that has 0.25 i have to put a 2.10 mm shim and the secod that has 0.20 i have to put a 2.05 shim right?

this are my shims both are identically in both sides by that reason I think that are 2.00mm

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Now what brand of shim kit I have to buy a wiseco or hot cams or oem?
I bought this kfx in second hand

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I use Hot cam shims but there are cheaper kits...

You should get yourself a digital caliper to measure the thickness of the shims...!!!
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