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Hey all,

I know I'm posting in the wrong section ,but this is the closest to post in. :eek:

I went to the national TT races last nite in Taylorville, Ill, and witnessed some great TT racing! :D

I got to meet Tim Farr,Tom Farr[Tim's dad], Shane Hitt [super cool and funny guy],Harold Goodman,

Keith Little, and Last but not least CURTIS SPARKS, All very nice guys.

It's the 1st Pro ATV TT race that I have ever been to and I really enjoyed it tremendously. B)

I cannot believe how fast those guys get around the track, :shocker:

Anyway I took a few pics before they all went out to practice and unfortunatly did not get anymore

as my camera crapped out! :angry:

If anyone gets the oppurtunity to go and see a pro ATV TT national,I highly reccomend it. ;)

Anyway heres several pics before practice.

Tim's in the 1st 3 pics and Shane and Curtis Sparks in the last pic.



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