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QOTM Rules

-When entering, images must be a BARE minimum of 450pixels wide for horizontally scaled images or 450 pixels tall for vertically scaled images. If images do not fit these requirements or exceed them, your entry will not be included in voting.
We ask that images be the exact size they are after importing them from your digital camera (uncut), and that full quality is maintained but this rule will not be enforced for QOTM. Full size pictures will, however enhance your chance of being voted QOTM, nobody likes tiny pictures. This rule will be placed into effect for the MARCH QOTM entry thread

-Past QOTM winners are not allowed to re-enter a QOTM contest in a 12 month span unless SUBSTANTIAL changes are made to the machine (new frame components, entire color-scheme changes, etc). The extent to qualify substantial will be judged by our moderators, but I believe we all have a general indication on what substantial indicates. A past QOTM winner is allowed to enter QOTM more than once a year with an entirely new build, if the machine again meets the requirement of having substantially different modifications than the first.

-Contestants who fall short of success in QOTM contests, may enter as many consecutive contests as contestant so decides. If you do not receive a substantial portion of votes after several months, please consider taking fresh images in a clean environment and keep file sizes high.

POTM Rules

-When entering, images MUST be a minimum of 800x600 pixels for horizontally paned images or 600x800 pixels for vertically paned images. We are putting a LARGE emphasis on QUALITY in the POTM contest, and images that do not meet this requirement will not be included in month-end voting. We ask that you upload images straight from your camera with tampering with any size restraints.

-Contestants are limited to 1 entry each month for the POTM contest, so bring your best. Past POTM winners are free to enter any month they wish and are allowed to win consecutive potm contests. Professional photography studios are NOT eligible to win more than 1 POTM contest in a 12-month timespan.

Universal Rules

-To be eligible to vote in the QOTM/POTM contests, users must have a minimum of 15 posts. This measure is set in place to ensure that contestants don't register multiple screen names or ask friends to register to vote. As well, "campaigning" or pm'ing users asking for votes is prohibited. These contests are not a popularity contest, people work hard on their machines and the hardest working contestants deserve to win. Such actions are strictly against the rules of HQ contests and users involved in such actions will be permanently banned without warning.
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