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Hey everyone! New to the site as I recently bought my first kfx. Decided to check the valves the other day but when I took the spark plug out it had oil almost all the way up the threads! Ive never seen that before so I Googled it and read that this is usually caused by bad valves cover gasket. Would a new gasket most likely solve this issue or maybe something else? Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the Forum....!!!!

It could be carbon/unburnt fuel due to the rich (factory setting) air/fuel mixture....& not oil....(can you post a picture of the spark plug in question)...??

If it's oil...
Bad valve seals, bad piston rings or your last oil change you added too much oil causing it to overflow & sucked up in the crankcase vent hose into the intake tube....see below capacity

Bad valve seals...burning oil (blueish-white exhaust smoke) when first time starting after it's sits over night....!!

Bad rings...burning oil when the motor is running...low compression symptoms are noticed...!!

Capacity 1.15 L (1.22 US qt.) (when filter is not
1.20 L (1.27 US qt.) (when filter is removed)
1.35 L (1.43 US qt.) (when engine is
completely dry)
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