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This Quad already has a mystique behind it. It's like the first Sport quad to come out that hasn't had a ride review in any Magazines.

I'm sitting on a 06 Honda 450er that I'd like to trade in on this KFX, I'm just waiting to hear some feedback about power, starting, brakes, reverse, ect.

Anyone ride this thing yet, if so, I'm sure alot of people would like to hear from you.


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I have only riden it around the block a few times. I will say the reverse is easy to use and mounted where it should be on all bikes. The Power feels ok, but you can tell it is corked up. I have not put the suspension to the test, but i do know once Long Travel Suspension is added it should be one of the best handling bike out there. I will edit this after next weekend with a real ride review.

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