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Howdy boys! So glad to be joining this group. Just picked up my first real quad a 2014 in mint condition.

Trying to be quick:
1. Idled quad hot enough to have red overheat light blinking/shuddering trying to come on (9 mins). Y that's prob too long.
2. No fan coming on ( it's not obstructed)
3. Looked in digital manual I have & read from y'all and saw fuse boxes at front of quad.
4. I have NO ORANGE BOXES that manual shows.
5. I also have 4 disconnected wires in driver's side velcro bag.
6. Can someone post the correct manual AND am I missing parts/disconnected wires? (I was told quad never serviced by anyone-completely stock.) One of wires is orange with black stripe and has female cylindrical connector at end, male up above is solid black with connector that looks to fit one below. One of the other 2 is solid orange and comes from above with white flat connector at end.

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