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2008 kFX450R - Just bought
DMC Exhaust
Procom ECU
New Lithium Ion - 150cca Battery

Issue: Bike wont start after riding for 20 minutes on fully charged battery brand new Firepower 150cca.
Things I checked
1. Battery Voltage is 14v+ while charging and off bike
2. Battery Voltage is 13V while running and lights off
3. Battery Voltage is 12.8V while running with lights on
Fan comes on after warmed up
Place battery tenderizer on it starts right up.
remove tenderizer it some times starts right up. If it doe not after 2nd or 3rd try I need to charge battery again.

Few Odd things.
1. 1 light does not seem as bright as other; even after switching between high/low beam
2. Fully charged battery with Kill switch off and no lights still seem to have a draw on battery. Wont fire, due to weak battery, is sitting for like 5 or 10 minutes without starting right away
3. I sometimes hear the Fuel pump relay prime up when key is on and I am switching between high/low beams and the "Light switch OFF position" like ts cutting power to Fuel pump. "Not all the time"

Previous owner stated he had the starter replaced about 4 months ago and no issues since.

I have no knowledge on this Fuel Injected bike with this Procom as I always had a carb type motor.

I did read something on here about decompression spring bit i have not checked anything about that yet. I bought a service manual waiting for it to come in mail. ANy links to an online PDF version would be nice.

Can anyone steer me in the direction of what next to check?

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Hard to start with a warm engine after 20 min...Check your valve clearance...!

Valve Clearance: between cam and valve lifter
Exhaust 0.17 ∼ 0.22 mm (0.0067 ∼ 0.0087 in.)
Inlet 0.10 ∼ 0.15 mm (0.0039 ∼ 0.0059 in.)

Best performance exhaust 0.21mm Intake 0.14mm..!

Here's the service manual...


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