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OK well i decided to get rid of the black blob on the handlebars and wire up a teather switch. The teather switch is Pingel part #640 N/C 2 piece 7/8th switch. The starter button is a killswitch button off a yz dirtbike.
Now for the wire colors- if you cut the wires right by the black blog there will be more wires then if you cut more down by the plug under the hood cause there are a few wires that go into 1.
Right by the blog there is-
Red Yellow Strip
Red Black Strip
Red Blue Strip
Red White Strip
Yellow Green Strip
Yellow Red Strip
Black Red Strip

Now if you follow the wires down more you will see that Black/Red Connects to Yellow Red
then Red/White, Yellow Green, and Red/Blue go into tan.
Alittle drawing i made-

Im not sure right now what wires are high beam/low. But heres some directions for the starter button and teather switch.
1.What i would reccomend doing is taking the hood off the front of your bike. With that off you can access the wiring.
2. Follow the wire down from the Black Blog on the handlebars and cut the wire about 2-3in's form the velcro bag the wires go into. If you cut there you will only see these color wires-
3. To connect the Starter Button connect 1 wire of the starter button to Yellow/Red then the other end to Black
4. To connect the Normally Closed Teather(this will not working with Normally Opened tether switches like Pro-Design,ProArmor etc..) connect one end of the teather to yellow/red(yes 1 end of the starter button is connected to it too) and then connect the other end to the Tan wire.
5. Now soldier all your connections and shrink wrap them or tape.
6. Now for the light hook up i will figure that out tomorrow and get back to you ASAP.

If you have any questions feel free to ask before you do this. You can contact me on here or through email at [email protected] or aim at mat122689

Here is some finished pictures off my phone-


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I got the Pingle kill switch also. I did not like that it only comes in 7/8" and 1" Dia. With the stock bars on, the Pingle is not going to mount flush on the bars for me. I am running handguards and have to mount the kill switch closer to the center of the bars which are thicker than the outer ends. Anyone thought of a good solution to this?
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