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I was looking for compression ratio and found a little added information from another site.

449cc 12:1 DOHC
5 speed w/reverse
Claimed HP:44 @ 8000 rpm, Torque:30.6 lb-ft @ 6500 rpm, measured off the engine!!
Cylinder bank angle is +9 deg.forward
Cylinder is chrome composite plated, instead of the usual Kaw.Electrofusion
Piston,light weight forged, 3 ring type,low friction coating, 21mm piston pin
4 valve,Titanium with oxide coating, dual progressive wound springs, In:36mm,Ex:31mm
Pre port/polished intake port.
Keihin 42mm throttle body,single 10 orifice,ultra fine injector. requires 91 octane,unleaded.

Kawasaki states that owners/tuners must use forged shim,NOT sintered metal (ground) shims as the sintered shims will cut through the valves oxide coating!! The forged shims are smooth because of the barrel polishing finish,where as the sintered shims are ground finished and have fine lines/grooves on the flat surface! This is a good point and applies to all titanium valves, I believe the HotCams shims are ground, so...

Cam cap torque has be revised to 87 in-lbs instead of 102 in-lbs!!

I put this in wrong section :loser: Can the mods please move it to the appropriate section.
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