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2008 KFX450R, CFM Performance intake, HMF Competition slip-on, FMF Powerbomb, Procom, Rekluse Clutch
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I have been browsing KFX 450 HQ for a while now and have been researching lots of post and comments. They have been very helpful to understand the KFX450R. I’m located in Plantation, FL and I have an 2008 KFX450R with a Procom (set on 5), FMF Powerbomb (just installed today - before have the original header pipe), HFM Slip-on and a CFM Intake. The idle is at 23 turns, new battery (1-2 months and keep it charge with battery tender). I have the quad for a year now.

Lately, after installing the mentioned parts, I have been fouling the OEM spark plug after 1 or 2 day runs ( just before fouling the plug the quad has been misfiring). The spark plug is completely black and left a carbon film when touch it with the finger. When the quad was stock never have this issue, the color of the plug was tan. Today I install the Powerbomb, while installing it I noticed some carbon build up at the engine header exit.

Do I need to increase/decrease the Procom or I will need a custom map?

Do I need a fuel controller in addition to the Procom?

I just put the Powerbomb and when I turn on the quad the bent part start getting red. I put I new header gasket and all the bolts and connections are tight.

I’m sorry to bombarding you all with this questions and concerns, but any help will be really appreciated.
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