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I had mentioned like 2 months ago or so about us being on a new TV series.... Well its final as of now. We will be on one of the episodes.

This new tv show has been doing a lot of reserch. this is unlike no other....!!

They been hearing more of us than any billet company out there... and out of all the companies out there that do billet they want to do us... i was left without words and in shock.. that meant a lot to me!!

They will start filming in 2 weeks @ R.I.S. shop and move to Glamis over thanksgiving weeknd..

It a reality show. They want to know the real R.I.S. and our everyday lifestyles

The main story is going to be the focus of my dad and me.. on how we got started!!!

So if you see us @ Glamis and cameras following our every movement.. Just come up and say HI !!!! you might find yourself on tv!!!!!!!!!!!

Things might change as far as filming locations.. but as of now Glamis is on for Thanksgiving....

More info soon to come.. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up!!!!
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