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FIRST AND FOREMOST THIS IS A DONATION ....... Forget about what you get and think what can you give. THEN you can think about the prizes. For those of you that dont know JJ is Jeremiah Jones. He races for Factory Suzuki. He was in a really bad accident and is paralized from the waist down. The Money raised in this auction will Buy a Block on ATV Scene. All of that money will go to JJ.

Raffle tickets
$5.00 each
$20.00 for 5 tickets
$50.00 for 20 tickets ...... and Your Screen Name will appear on a special message.

I know when we raffled off the pipe it took ALL MONTH to raise $400.00 or so. To make this raffle REALLY work we need about $1200.00 total ..... $600.00 for the big block ...... $500.00 for prizes ....$100.00 in paypal fees and Misc. So everyone really need to step up. Its not about the prizes REMEBER THE EXTRA CASH GOES TO JJ. So it is a donation with a little something extra.

I will buy some of the items to be raffled from site sponsors. Dontations will be accepted.
We will use the money made to buy a block, as big as we can on this website. The Block will be a LTR450HQ block Here is a link to the site we will buy a block from ..... CLICK HERE .... WE WILL BUY AS BIG OF A BLOCK AS WE CAN.

Here is a list of items in the raffle as of now ...... More items will be added

1. DASA pipe
2. Fuelatv Bumper ..... Donated by FUELATV
3. Rath Bumper
4. Cernics Yellow graphics kit ..... Donated by cernics
5. Cernics White graphics kit ..... Dontaed by Cernics
6. RIS Designs Billet starter cover ...... Donated by RIS Designs
7. 3 - Billet #D oild fill caps ....... Dontated by RIS Designs
8. Faux Carbon Fiber QuadTech Beak ...... Donated by SandJunkie
9. 2 LTR450HQ t-shirts ...... Donated by LTR450HQ

To buy the raffle tickets send your payment to my PAYPAL .... [email protected] You MUST specify your screen name and JJ RAFFLE TICKETS in the payment notes.
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