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Was at Arizona Cycle Park for the ITP Quadcross today. Team Monster Kawasaki was there in full force, Josh Creamer and Jason Luburgh riding. Had a chance to talk to the guys overe there and they are really pleased with the teams progression. "we get better every race" they said. Today proved it. Luburgh 2nd and Creamer 3rd. Close behind a hard charging Dustin Nelson from Yamaha.

Got a little video of Luburgh and Kory Ellis going at it for the lead. Ellis would eventually take Luburg, then Nelson would come from behind to take Creamer. Luburgh then gets hi-sided on the inside trying to get Ellis back and Nelson takes them both. Luburgh takes both of those two back when he tripples a step-up that they double (which looked frickin sweet!), as Creamer does the same to Ellis. Nelson would eventually get Luburgh for the win.

HORRIBLE track today with super rough blue-groove everywhere, and that turned to near ice-like when they watered it.

Anyway, enjoy the vid of the new KFX450R in action!



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