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I am hoping someone on here can help me out. First of all I live on an island and there are no dynos here so that's out of the question. I have a modified 08 KFX and I'm in desperate need of a usable map. I'm aware I'll never get 100% out of it by not bringing it to a professional but it would cost more than my quad is worth to pull that off. The problem is all the maps power commander provides are basic and I need one more suited to my modifications. If anyone could help out I'd greatly appreciate it. An excel file is all I'd need. I can manually input it myself off of the one that's already installed (which makes it run and idle like crap). Below are my mods. Please ask any questions necessary. I'm currently setting it up as a street legal quad in case anyone asks why it's geared higher than normal. Thanks in advance.

2008 KFX 450r
Athena 100 mm Big Bore (488cc)
3mm stroker
Hot Cams
Powercommander V
Coil cable nologic
Current regulator
Trottel miss
Kibblewhite Valves & Springs +1
Dasa Full Exhaust
Custom Intake
K&N Air Filter
Upgraded Ignition Coil
Magic Power Box
15t front 37t rear
21x7x10 front (Kenda Speed Racer)
22×10×10 rear (Duro Scorcher)
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