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I now have the FUELATV KFX450 graphics instock and ready to ship. These photos dont do this kit justice. I will have good photos for my website, but these give you the idea. This kit looks PERFECT on all three colors. Now i cannot decide what fenders to keep and what ones i am going to sell? So these graphics kits are in stock and ready to ship. I also have the matching seat covers or all black gripper seat covers in stock. This graphics kit will come with a total of 12 decals.

Here are some side shots.

This kit comes with a front number plate

This kit also comes with a rear tail piece

This kit comes with front and rear fenders peices. Here is a photo of the rear ones. The fronts are the same design

Here it is on the White Bike ........ Again i will have better photos later, but this gives you the idea. These photos are with an all black seat cover installed. IMO the all black covers looks alot better then the two tone stock one or you can go with the seat cover that matches the graphics.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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