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First off, hello to all the KFX members currently here. I’m a new member as well as a new owner of a KFX 450r.
I’m not necessarily a mechanic, but I can navigate an engine. Looking for some help with recent issues, hoping I’m not SOL! I’m going to list my set up then I’ll explain what’s been going on.
2012 KFX 450r
Full DASA exhaust
Dobek fuel controller
Fuel customs intake
Stage 2 hot cams
Slightly bored to 12:8:1 compression
Hinson clutch plates
I purchased this bike about 2 months ago from a family member that I know is meticulous about maintenance. I had probably 4 good weekend rides before I changed the oil and filter (Kawasaki Full synthetic). Next time out the bike seemed to run and shift just fine, but I thought the engine sounded different. Fast forward a week to the next weekend; I ride hard all day (6 hrs).. the motor sounds like there may be a slight “knock” but also thought I was being paranoid, whole time bike it running and shifting GREAT.
I was letting it eat the last half mile back to the house when the bike started to sputter out before dying, I thought I was out of fuel but that wasn’t the case. When I tried to restart the bike, it made the relay in the front buzz. So I turned the key off, then when I went to turn the key on the bike had absolutely no power, wouldn’t even show neutral light. (Had lights on last 30 min of ride)
I took it into town and put a new battery in which energized the bike, but relay was still clicking. I did all the normal electrical trouble shooting, but what seemed to have worked was when I rotated the engine with a socket, seemed to have freed it up. Now the bike is starting up fine but seems to have lost power and want to die randomly mid acceleration.. all the while still thinking the engine sounds wrong.
I’ll be home this weekend to work on it more, but have been studying up on what could be the issue (hope I didn’t put oil filter in backwards 🤔)
Any help would be greatly appreciated, really hoping I don’t have to get into the top in, but I’m prepared to if so. Please let me know if more info is needed for a diagnosis.

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Welcome to the Forum...!!!!!

Any knocking sound is usually a bad main bearing on the crankshaft...
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