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So I bought a Two Brother's EFI controller (from the forum!) and I've been playing with the settings...

My current setup on my KFX450 is:

K&N intake, no airbox lid
stock motor
Stock pipe
(and I'm really close to sea level... Michigan)

My current settings for the programmer are:

cruise: +1
acceleration: +2.5
full throttle: +3

The programmer can go all the way up to level 8. Now, I'm sure my current settings are terribly off for my build, because I just installed it and was playing around. I'm just hoping that someone on here can give me some suggestions on what settings they use, regardless of build. I'm not terrible with motors, my dad owns his own racing engine business and being around race cars since age 6 really rubs off some important knowledge... so I'm looking for something to base my settings off of since I've never programmed a quad before.

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