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Hi all, I'm new to this forum, the KFX 450 and tuning ATVs.

I recently bought a used '08 KFX with a DMC dual exhaust system and programmer installed, and stock box/no lid with K&N filter. I just added a FCI Intake w/ box and don't know where to begin with the DMC settings. Programmer had following settings from previous owner: zone 1: 6, Zone 2: 5 and Zone 3: 7. Seemed to run OK, but zones 1 and 3 seem like they would be rich for a stock box.

I called DMC, but they were no help...said they only tested their programmer with stock intake box and to get my KFX dyno tuned. :confused: From what I've read on this site, a programmer isn't necessary until a better intake is added. I'm not sure why DMC thinks no one would add a better intake or would not need programmer settings for that?? Also, if I had the money to spend on dyno tuning, why would I buy a DMC programmer and not a PCIII or PCV? Pretty worthless if you ask me.

I saw another poster suggest 4.5, 6, 5 respecitvely for this setup. But this doesn't seem to jive with the settings from the previous owner. This quad is not for racing, just dunes and trail. So I'm not trying to eek every last little bit of hp out of it...just need to run smooth and healthy with mods added. Any help from someone with an FCI intake and aftermarket exhaust would be greatly appreciated.
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