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Ok, well I finally picked up my new 450 today. I got it home(the black one-and let me tell you it looks way better inperson than on the computer) it is cold and wet so i just took a quick spin around the yard so didn't get to really get a good feel for it yet, but I will post my first opinions.

First, it looks very well built. The lower a arm mounts have me a little on edge, not concerned really but just want to watch them close. The seat is very hard LOL, but I think once used to it, and especially racing XC it won't be much of a bother. Also I though the seat was kind of pain to get back on, but no big deal. It is really hard to get started when cold, hopefully like was said it will get better as it gets some time on it. Once it warms up, I didn't think it started any slower than my 400 really, maybe a revolution or two more, but definately not "slow". The clutch is real touchy, could need a slight adjustment, or just broken in. I was concerned about the bar height, but it is not as bad as I expected. I is a little stiff shifting gears, like you have to really "lift" the lever to shift it, maybe will get easier/smoother with break-in. Reverse is very very nice and easy. Throttle response is AWESOME! Power is soo smooth all the way through each gear. Front end really wants to lift under accelleration hard all the way through 4th gear(POWER OUT THE WAZOO!!) Rear suspension feels very plush, front seems on the stiff side. I will adjust and try to really test it before giving a full opinion on the suspension. One thing I havent heard anyone comment on is the footpegs-very nice for stock. Not quite a propeg, but very wide and a nice kickup for stock pegs. Front brakes are GREAT, and the rear seems about average like other quads stock. clutch pulls fairly easy, throttle pushes fairly easy. That is about all I can comment on with such little time on it.

I will say that back in 02 when i bought my KFX400,(the first quad I have owned) I was very excited and in awe of the power/handling of it. BUT that doesn't compare to the feeling I have when I hop on this machine. It just FEELS like a Lamborghini compared to the old 400. It makes you feel fast like you can do whatever you want and the quad will be there for you if that makes any sense LOL! I can't wait to get it out on the trails to see what it will really do.

Oh yeah, Black is the fastest. :lmao:
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