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*based on the 2006 world supercross championship winning kx 450f.
*designed to lower center of gravity, centralize mass and inertia points which is particularly important on big bore 4- stroke, single- cyclinder engines.
*aluminum cylinder with chrome composite plating provides rapid heat transfer, superb wear resistance and optimun lubrication retention for increased performance and durabilty.
*precision manufactured, lightweight, forged piston with a low friction coating on the skirt.
*semi- dry sump lubrication system for quicker engine responce. the majority of oil is stored in the transmission to keep excess oil away from the crankshaft and prevent power- robbing stirring loss. with only a shollow chamber to collect oil at the bottom of the crankcase, where a scavenge pump moves it to the transmission, the crank is located as low as possible to help lower the center of gravity.
*twin oil pumps ensure proper lubrication and oil scavenging for opimun performance.
*to eliminate external oil lines, oil passages are built into engine cases to reduce weight and improve reiability.
*intake ports have an ultra-smooth finish to improve intake efficiency. lightweight titanium valves reduce reciprocating weight.
*dual overhead, asymmetrical high-acceleration camshafts are treated with a soft-nitriding surface treatment to reduce friction and provide reliable operation at all rpm.
*located on the exhaust camshaft, the automatic compression release allows for easy starting.
*light weight, tapered titanium, head pipe with heat shield improves exhaust efficiency over a greater rpm than straight tubing.
*provides sharp engine responce for instant acceleration when landing from jumps.
*easier start-up provides an edge in competitions with dead-engine starts.
*extremely light throttle pull reduces rider fatigue.
*the first reverse gear in the class allows the rider to back away from pile-ups or blocked trails without having to dismount, saving time and energy.
*push-button starter makes firing the engine easy.
*optional kick start system available.
*the frame, sub-frame and swingarm are all formed from lightweight aluminum, makeing the kfx450r the first in its class to have an all-aluminum chassis, which is approximately 20 percent lighter than a steel frame.
*highly rigid frame and low center of gravity contribute to excellent stability in corners.
*single box-tube lower frame is very narrow at the front, allowing longer a-arms to be used in the front suspension. this minimzes camber change as the long-stroke suspension tracks over rugged terrian for better handling.
*the front shocks are considerably compressed when the machine is unloaded,leaving plenty of travel available in negative-g situations so that the front wheels can maintain contact and control if the terrian falls away.
*a cast aluminum swingarm features stress-dispersing curved lines and rounded edges and its high torsional rigidity contributes to the kfx450r exceptional rear wheel traction.
*the rear shock with piggy-back reservor featurs adjustments for both high- and low-speed compression damping as well as rebound damping and spring preload.
*dual 163mm front disc brakes are clamped by twin-piston calipers.
*200mm petal rear sisc brake helps reduce unsprung weight and the petal design helps clean the brake pads for more efficient braking performance.
*standard renthal tapered aluminum fat-bar is strong and light and offers superb control.
*two-tone seat is smooth on top for rider mobility and textured on the sides for grip to aid in turning. the shape of the seat, tank and side covers were also designed for excellent mobility and turning support.

im going to cut off my fingers now so the pain will end. lol

at the bottom of there page it said to start taking orders in jan 2007 and it will be released in the first quarter of 2007.
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