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for sale is my 08 kfx 450r its a great bike funs awesome and has no problems
its set up as a dune bike but still very rideable. it has the following mods:
high comp piston 14:0:1
ported head
web cams
lockup clutch with billet side cover
aftermarket coil
dynojet programmer
fuel customs intake
+ 4 swing arm
barker drag pipe--custom made
drag spindles
drag fronts w/smooth buffs
pro wedges on rear
custom painted plastics
the following parts have been removed to remove weight and arent necessary when drag racing, fan, ft brakes,pk brake, lights, and i have a set of struts for the bike along with the factory piggy back shocks
this bike has went 4.7s in 300ft with a 170# rider
bike requires 110 octane fuel or higher due to compression bike was tuned on 113 and runs best on that
feel free to ask any questions and ill do my best at answering them
looking to get 3500obo
thanks for looking
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