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won't start

  1. kfx wont start with starter

    General Discussion
    hi guys, i have a 2008 450r and i recently had the top end refreshened with new rings. the bike was running fine before but was burning oil. after i got the motor back in it wouldn't start. i checked and double checked everything i could think of but still no success. the starter is turning the...
  2. 08 KFX450 won't start. Has compression spark and fuel

    General Discussion
    Hey guys I'm new to this group. So sorry if it's in wrong place but I recently bought a 08 kfx 450 that was rebuilt with 12hr on it. I rode it for mabe about 20 min then it shut off now I can't get it running. It has spark fuel and good compression
  3. 2009 KFX 450r - it's been sitting for 3 years. Help

    Help. I'm not a mechanic at all. I inherited a 2009 KFX 450r from a family member that hadn't used it in over 3 years. It still has the original tires with barely worn knobbies. In other words... It's pretty much like new. And it ran perfect before it was garaged up a few years ago. So of...
  4. Quad won't start. Please help

    Important Information
    Ok so my little brother left the key on the other day after riding my quad real quick so when I went to ride the battery was dead. I had someone waiting for me so I decided to take out the 75 amp or watt( not sure what it's called) charger for quick starts. The red piece fell off the battery...
  5. Nothing electrical turns on

    I was riding today and was just about to park it and it died right before I was about to shut it off. I still needed to pull it forward some, so I went to start it back up, but nothing happened. None of the lights come on, the FI doesn't cycle, nothing. It literally has a brand new battery...