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  1. Suspension/Steering/Chassis
    Hi, my name is Alex, I was looking at upgrading my front suspension and happened to come across the fox float 3‘s, just the normal base model one, so I looked them up and tried to find them for the KFX 450, but the only ones that fit the kfx were the fox float evol r’s and the evol rc2’s, which...
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    Im trying to find someone with a full set up. Fuel costoms intake , fuel programmer and full exhaust. Please no garbage looking for good name brands prefer exhaust to be hmf, dasa, ect.
  3. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    hey guys, i just picked up a 08 kfx450 about 3 months ago. looking for some decent mods to put into it. looking to make it faster without really messing with the engine. the bike is completely stock other than a lexx mx slip on that came with it when i bought it. any info would help...
  4. General Discussion
    Hey whats up i have a couple question, 1 I have 350 of spending money for my kfx 450r it has Nerf bars on it what should i get to add the most horse power. 2 I was thinking a slip on exhaust what are your thoughts on this. 3 if yes to the exhaust should i get a Two Brothers exhaust- a hmf...
  5. Member Introductions
    Hey everybody, I'm a new member and I just wanted to get some input. I just sold my beloved KFX400 last week and I'm picking up a kfx450r here sometime in the near future. I'm pretty knowledgeable about most things but I want to get some raw feedback on a couple things. The KFX450r im going to...
1-5 of 5 Results