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  1. KFX 450r Wont turn over (Top End) Please Help

    General Discussion
    Hey Everyone A while back my quad was leaking oil somewhere in the head so I first started easy and replaced the valve cover gasket and that wasnt it so I kept trying differnt things to stop the leak without having to take the whole head off so eventually my valve cover bolt snapped inside my...
  2. New used KFX, should I rebuild?

    Hey guys I just bought my first KFX450R and am new to this forum. I bought it used off craigslist and is an '08. It has a FMF pc4 slip on, outerwears airbox lid and lexx fuel controller. The guy I bought it from said he didn't know much about it. Said he thought the motor was all original and...
  3. Couple Top End Questions

    Ok I'm about to buy a JE 12.8:1 piston and would like to know what I need to buy or do. I just ordered Stage 2 hot cams and am curious about a few things. I haven't updated my profile info in a while but the engine has the following: 2012 KFX 450R -FMF Factory 4.1 w/ Powerbomb -Procom...
  4. sand drags!

    General Discussion
    https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/ET-Motopark-Mud-bogs-Sand-Drags/575472109131038 i was invited by a good buddy of mine. its down here in Apache Junction AZ. its from like 7:30pm-2am. just getting shwasted and seeing chicks and drag racing down a track. LOL that sounds A LOT LIKE GLAMIS!! i...