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  1. Tire Suggestions

    General Discussion
    I am still running the stock tires that I am going to put studs in for the Winter. I would like to get a new set of tires for the dirt. We mostly run Cross Country or Trails so I am looking for something like that and that is versatile enough to hit a few jumps. I am hearing a lot about Razr...
  2. Kfx 450r 2008

    General Discussion
    I need to buy some new tires for my four wheeler(all four). What is a good brand for around $300. And I had to get new front rims which is an aluminum I think. But I want them black. What kind of paint to use? Any help please
  3. Want to buy a few things. Tell me what you got

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking to buy rear 8x8 rims, heel guards, aftermarket rear shock, and maybe front rims. PM me or just respond here with what you got
  4. Brand New Quadmax on Hipers

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale 2 brand new Dunlop Quadmax Sport Radial Rear Tires 18x10-8 6 ply rating mounted on used 8" Hiper CF1's (4/110) with extra rings (Black & Blue). Tires are brand new never have been on the ground. Bought for mx but running xc now. $450 OBO plus shipping.
  5. Birthday wheels

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    Today is my birthday and I thought I should reward myself for surviving the past 20 years with a new set of wheels! I'm looking for some black wheels to go along with a full set of Maxxis Razr XC's I have been looking at some G-force GP or XP-1 wheels. The thing I am most concerned about is...
  6. Cst ambush tires

    Just want to see if any of you are running these tires and want know what do you think of the performance on the trails and track? Just want ti get some feedback on these because I never heard of this brand of tire..... Thanks for your input......
  7. WTB: Black/White Handguards w/ mounts, Mud or stock tires, Black front hood plastic

    For Sale / Wanted
    Recently purchased a KFX 450r and wanted to add some things to it. First off I want to buy handguards for it with mounts. They can be all black, all white, or a combination of both. Also will be needing to replace tires soon. I kind of wanted mud tires for the rear, but if you have some stock...
  8. Buying Some Kenda: Gecko tires...

    Does anyone have a pair of these for the dunes? i'm buying a set of them in an hour and was just wondering what you guys think of them...
  9. Need sand paddle tires!!

    For Sale / Wanted
    i'm looking for some sand paddle tires... anybody have any that they're looking to sell? looking for cheap and semi-new paddle tires for my 2008 KFX450r