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  1. Tps -- ecu

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    Have a 08 KFX450R. last time I rode, it started stalling when I release the throttle. if I actuate the throttle slowly it seems to run, but then stalls when I let off the throttle. I checked the TPS voltage and adjusted it. It was a low at .50 but then I adjusted it to .60V. Then I checked...
  2. Help! Bogging at half/full throttle

    Member Introductions
    So ive been having this issue where my quad will bog down at half to full throttle once the bike is warm. My fuel pressure is ~43psi while idling then drops when pressing on the throttle. Is this standard? The fuel pump screen/ filter was dirty and chewed up. currently in the process of...
  3. kfx 450r 08 bogging problems

    I've been on this forum looking for threads that would help with my problem with my quad bogging when I give it gas. Today I've decided to sign up because nothing has worked for me. this is what I've done so far: New sprak plug Clean my jets bought new tps Clean air filter Used electrical...
  4. 2008 KFX450R Problems

    Okay guys, I got my Kfx a while back and I'm pretty much new to these ATVs. So back to the problem I would be going and the KFX would be running fine but when I hit 75-100% throttle it would miss and sputter really, really bad. And me and my brother was trying to fix it and we seen a website...
  5. TPS adjustment Q

    When you guys are setting your TPS, the service manual says, "Let bike heat up thoroughly, then check." Well I check the output voltage at 3 different times, here are my results. Bike cold - .44 After running for 2 minutes - .58 After running for 7 minutes (coolant fan running) .65 Now I...
  6. KFX450r Throttle Position Adjust

    Hello. Great Site btw. Recently I sold my beasty ltz and my parents bought me a red 09 kfx450r. It is so much more powerful! Anyways I was wandering if there is a way to adjust the position on the thumb throttle when it is unpressed? Because where it is unpressed now stresses out my thumb a...