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  1. Twitchy front end

    General Discussion
    I know this was an issue the KFX was criticized for but what are the options to fix this? I got my KFX used its a 2010 but the front end just feels so twitchy. I have checked over it, bushings are tight tie rods are tight ball joint are good. Just feels like when im riding any quick inputs to...
  2. Someone sell me an aftermarket steering stem! Need one ASAP

    For Sale / Wanted
    Wanting to go to +1 or +2 and my stock stem is bent. Needing one as soon as possible!
  3. Needing a Steering Stem, Stock or Aftermarket ASAP

    For Sale / Wanted
    Riding didn't go so well this weekend, ended up bending my steering stem. I need either a stock one, or I would be interested in paying a little more for a +1 or +2 stem. Let me know what you got! Needing one as soon as possible. Thanks
  4. For Sale - NEW Precision Steering Stabilizer

    For Sale / Wanted
    Brand new never opened Precision Stabilizer. $400 shipped.
  5. Elka System 3 Damper - Brand New

    For Sale / Wanted
    New in the box Elka System 3 Damper and mount for a KFX450R, $300 shipped (lower 48 states UPS Ground). I also have a used Elka System 5 damper without a mount $80 shipped (lower 48 states UPS Ground). SOLD! I also have a brand new set of IMS-Roll Pegs/Nerf Bars/Heel Guards on...
  6. Looking For aftermarket used A-arms, shocks, and steering stem

    For Sale / Wanted
    Im just looking for some after market parts for my kfx 450. So if you got A-arms, shocks, and a steering stem let me know and ill take a look. ( For shocks im looking for fox Flooters, but anything else is fine) Thanks