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  1. Kfx450r problem help!!!

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    Okay so yesterday i changed my battery! Since then my kfx stops after 3seconds on idle if i give it some gas it will die & sometimes it will run...i got it running for 5min & it still stop even when i was full trottle. I think its my motoworks fmi that is back to stock! How can I fix that? I...
  2. Starting after flipping

    I'm sure there are plenty of threads out there I have searched all day, today I was on the road doing a wheelie and it went back to far flipped on it side and turned off, I know there is a roll over sensor I have checked it and took it apart and put the ball bearing down and put it back in the...
  3. Not starting & not hearing fuel pump ?

    was running fine, shut it off to hop off and move a branch laying in the middle of the trail. got back on and when i turned the key on and electric, the fuel pump wasnt filling up like normal. And i would try to start it, just kept turning over, but wouldnt actually fire up. dk why, guessing...
  4. Starting troubles

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    Im trying to figure out the starting problem with my 450. Here goes: I am away at school and only see my quad once or twice a month and it doesnt always get ridden. Seems like every time I go to ride, it tries to turn over for a second then just hear clicking. But a little time on the charger...