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starting problem

  1. Problem starting

    I have a full hmf competition series and a lexx fuel controller on my kfx.i think It might need some help with the tuning because it has problems starting. It also has a very touchy throttle right know to. for example when you are coming out of a turn and your holding the throttle steady it...
  2. 2008 KFX450r Hard time to start

    I have a 2008 kx450r. I have to hold down the electric start button for about 5 seconds before the quad fires up. How can i make the startup quicker? Another thing is my stock exhaust seems to get very hot right near my right leg by the header and heat shield. Is this normal? How can i prevent...
  3. electrical problem?

    Hey guys, new to the site here. I have a 08 kfx450r, and ive had it since new. anyways, i was riding around on my buddys track for a couple hours today. and i went to shut it off and heard a pop. when i went to turn it back on nothing worked. no lights, fuel pump doesnt kick on, gauge lights...
  4. A couple problems, help would be very appreciated*

    General Discussion
    I have a 2008 kfx 450 in pretty good shape may i add aswell. Starting has became recently a problem. Only cold though when warm it fires right up and drives like a champ. The only way i find to start it is the not so good way by doing a quick spray of carb cleaner to the air filter it fires...