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  1. Sprocket switch

    General Discussion
    I was wanting to put a 15t front sprocket on and I have an extra one from a yfz450. I was wondering if anyone knows if it will fit? I've looked at different sites and some say yes and some say know.
  2. good little write up on gearing

    hey guys i was looking at some stuff and i came across this gearing breakdown. i know if you looked hard enough, you could find it... but here you go! “What is gearing down?” “Do I need a larger or smaller front sprocket for more top speed?” “What effects will my ATV have if I switch to...
  3. gearing question. not happy with top speed

    General Discussion
    i have the bells & wistles on my bike now. it tops out too quickly now. i get to 5th gear topped out but i know my motor can push me faster. i switched my gears from stock (14f/38r) to a 15f/36r. honestly the bike feels slower than it was before. does anyone have any suggestions on a gear that...