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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    I'm trying to sell my atv as is in my area but if that doesn't work out, I'd like to sell my aftermarket parts and put all the stock parts back on. Just checking interest on the parts I might sell. I have the following parts: Elka Stage 4 Long Travel Front Shocks Elka Factory Standard Travel...
  2. Suspension/Steering/Chassis
    Hey everyone, I have been having problems with my rear shock. It sags extremely low when I get on it, and I dont know if the shock is just blown or if there is an aftermarket rear shock that i should install. I weight about 270 and 6' 1". I haven't had this problem with my friends ktm 450 or...
  3. Suspension/Steering/Chassis
    Ok I just got a elka stage 4 rear shock for free basically, so I was wondering how good is the shock. Also who runs it and how does it compare to the other shocked out there.
  4. Suspension/Steering/Chassis
    Anybody see the front end widening kits on ebay? It relocates the mounting points for the a arms and shocks outward. You guys think it works well? Also was wondering if you could do away with the shock mount ones and use, say, a yfz450r shock which is 2 inches longer, and has more travel, I...
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    hello i am looking to buy a rear shock for mx, for stock swingarm and link, looking for ether elka or fox or others also looking for walsh subframe.
  6. Suspension/Steering/Chassis
    I need some help getting measurements with Gibson a-arms! Baldwin Motorsports doesn't have the measurements they need to build my new PEP shocks for my Gibson arms. I just got my frame and parts back from getting powdercoated so I'm not able to get the measurements yet. I'd hate to have...
  7. Suspension/Steering/Chassis
    I've been doing a lot of research for what type of suspension I wanted to put on my quad. Over the last few weeks I've been in contact with most of the major suppliers on what set-up and price they could do on a KFX450. I decided to go with PEP, but here's an up-to-date list of vendors and their...
  8. Suspension/Steering/Chassis
    blew every last penny on setting up my engine and New a arms and New spaghetti and what have you. now all i need is shocks. before i I'm that far, how can i tune my stock shocks to give me a little more bounce? they are sluggish! my buddy has a kfx also and his stocks feel way better than mine...
  9. For Sale / Wanted
    Stock front shocks for sale name a price. Look almost new. Also selling a arms
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking to get long travel MX a arms for my 18" elkas
  11. Suspension/Steering/Chassis
    I just got a pair of used Elka stage 4 shocks for my kfx450r and measured them to be 18" eye to eye. Does anyone know if this is their actual shock length? Or if they are just adjusted to be that way right now?
  12. Suspension/Steering/Chassis
    I just picked up a set of used Elka stage 4 front shocks and I had a guy who I was going to buy a arms from but then he bailed on me after I bought the shocks. Was wondering if anyone here was selling their long travel a arms. My shock length eye to eye is 18"
  13. General Discussion
    I am in need for long travel shocks and wanted to see if anyone was selling theirs
  14. For Sale / Wanted
    - - Sold - -
  15. General Discussion
    I'm looking to upgrade my suspension to long travel and was wondering if anyone is selling their long travel shocks or a arms.
  16. Dyno/Tuning Room
    Hey guys, I recently read Duster's thread on the Procom ECU and am sold on the product. I have a set of 08 KX450F Cams sitting on a shelf and have a few questions. 1.) Should I first put on a LTR intake tube before doing the Cam mod? Im not sure if I want to drop the cash on a Fuel customs...
  17. Suspension/Steering/Chassis
    Want to buy long travel shocks and a arms if anyone is selling theirs reply here or email me at [email protected]
  18. Suspension/Steering/Chassis
    Does anyone want to sell their long travel shocks and/or a arms? If interested in selling me something please email me with pics at [email protected]
  19. General Discussion
    im stuck between whether I should get standard travel a arms +2 that go with my shocks or long travel a arms with long travel shocks. can you really feel a big difference when riding?
  20. Suspension/Steering/Chassis
    What would happen if I ran long travel a arms with the stock shocks
1-20 of 23 Results