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  1. HELP Quad won't start

    General Discussion
    2008 kfx450r I went riding this past weekend and randomly my quad died. It started right back up and then died again shortly after. It started once more but died right away. Trying once again to start it the fuel pump did not prime anymore and the front headlights would not work anymore and the...
  2. dies after 10 seconds

    start the bike up and it runs for about 10-30 seconds, and it dies out. doesnt matter if its idle, or rev. my thoughts were either a bad fuel pump, or injector. not my bike, but my best friends 08kfx450r. he pretty much had the entire engine replaced after an overheat blow out. new crank...
  3. KFX Fuel Pump Problems, HELP!

    So I was connecting my new headlights a few days ago and I don't have a headlight run switch or anything its just a toggle switch on my front hood but all I did was connect the head lights and the switch to a toggle switch and put every thing back on. It all worked well and looked nice until I...