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  1. Kfx450r problem help!!!

    Member Introductions
    Okay so yesterday i changed my battery! Since then my kfx stops after 3seconds on idle if i give it some gas it will die & sometimes it will run...i got it running for 5min & it still stop even when i was full trottle. I think its my motoworks fmi that is back to stock! How can I fix that? I...
  2. Lexx programmer tempromental issue

    I recently completed the build of my 08. I installed a STD bore wiesco 12.4 piston, Stage 2 hotcams , a FCI with a box and full yoshi exhaust. I had planned on buying a PIM 2 but I recently traded for an 09 with a cracked case that had a LEXX 3 button programmer on it so I just pulled that off...
  3. stator problems

    First off i recomend to everyone to never buy volar chain, it didnt have more than 2 hours on the chain and it broke. and it bound up and ripped the electrical cable that presses into the side of the case. does anyone know what the electrical cable is connected to. i work out in ND and have not...
  4. 09 kfx 450r ignitions problems

    General Discussion
    hey guys wondering if any body would have any ideas what could be happening here? i have an 09 Kfx 450r with a PC5 programer lots of other stuff but not important. when it gets to the higher mid range it starts to cut out:mad: any ideas?
  5. Gas tank bolt problems...

    So, the right bolt on the fuel tank that holds the side plastic just keeps spinning... So I figured I over did it and now the metal piece that is in the plastic is spinning and that the bolt is still fine... any suggestions on how to fix this? It kind of tough because the threads for the bolt in...
  6. starter problems, water pump weap hole

    General Discussion
    Im new to this but i have an 08kfx450 and i have a problem with the starter. when i go to start it up the starter will act like i have very low battery voltage, i went out and got a new battery and the same thing happened, its like the starter is getting stuck or hung up for a second, it will...
  7. Starting troubles

    Important Information
    Im trying to figure out the starting problem with my 450. Here goes: I am away at school and only see my quad once or twice a month and it doesnt always get ridden. Seems like every time I go to ride, it tries to turn over for a second then just hear clicking. But a little time on the charger...