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  1. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    Project track mod on budget Hi everyone. I know this is not the first thread on this subject, but I am looking for advice. First a Lithe introduction. (You can skip it if you want) My name is ''Psycho'' I am from Canada Qc I am 36 year old, I bought my Kfx 450r 2013 last summer to...
  2. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    So it turns out that I have easy access to 100 octane fuel and I'm wondering if it is worth running through my quad. At $5 a gallon it's a very happy medium between 91 and 110. I have no idea what I would need to do to compensate for the octane increase other than a higher compression piston. I...
  3. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    I am looking for advice from some of the better mechanics and those up on the new 2013 kx450f. I know swapping cams from 08 and up bikes works but with new cam profiling on the 2013 bike I'm curious to see if that same changeover is possible. It is supposed to make the new bike better in every...
  4. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    looking for a good exauhst set up. Im going to be ordering the fuel customs intake, and allready have the power commander, I ride mainly at the dunes but will also be riding track here startin next month, I have been looking at dasa, yoshimira, I heard something about curtis sparks. Not sure...
1-4 of 4 Results