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  1. Just bought my first 2010 KFX450

    General Discussion
    Just got my kfx today from a private seller. 2010 game with a jardine pipe and k&n air filter. quad isnt 100%. One headlight mount needs to be replaced, plastics are kinda beat and needs a new rear caliper and pads. Other than that the quad rips. Where do you guys usually buy your parts from. I...
  2. WTB: Black/White Handguards w/ mounts, Mud or stock tires, Black front hood plastic

    For Sale / Wanted
    Recently purchased a KFX 450r and wanted to add some things to it. First off I want to buy handguards for it with mounts. They can be all black, all white, or a combination of both. Also will be needing to replace tires soon. I kind of wanted mud tires for the rear, but if you have some stock...