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  1. Help needed! Trying to find map that works for PCV

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    I have an 09 KFX450R with a slip on Pro Circuit T4. I have stock airbox/intake no lid. Just installed a Power Commander 5 and can't find a map that will work. Found a map with different slip on, runs decent with some hiccups, but does not run 100%. With the newer software, it looks like a PCIII...
  2. WTB PC5 auto tune or o2 sensor

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for auto tune o2 sensor wire. Possibly auto tune module also. Thanks
  3. Autotune power source?

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    Trying to find an easy place to get power for autotune. Can i use the brown wire from the nuetral light on the dash? My other option is to install an on/off switch between the battery and the autotune so i dont have to use the autotune when it isnt necessary. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in...
  4. Wtb used dobeck fuell controller

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a reasonably priced used dobeck fuel controller. Using it temporarily until i finish motor work and get to a dyno. Will also consider other 3 button controllers. Thanks. This site has been a great!!!!