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  1. stock parts for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    hello im selling some oem stock parts rear shock upper and lower aarms tie rods renthal fat bars black front outter fenders axle full exhaust may have other parts not listed
  2. Anybody need an air box air filter included?

    For Sale / Wanted
    You get all parts shown in photos at a great price! KFX 450 Intake | eBay
  3. Anybody need an air box air filter included?

    General Discussion
    Includes everything you see. KFX 450 Intake | eBay
  4. rear grab bar

    i snapped my grab bar off a while back... infamous wheelie that went too far back. OH WHO HASNT DONE IT! anyways, bent it, then after jumping the bike (go figure), it snapped off. no big deal, makeshift grab bar addition to hold my flag for Glamis successful. well, the rear brake light ends up...
  5. Stock shocks for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Stock front shocks for sale name a price. Look almost new. Also selling a arms
  6. Aftermarket goodies

    For Sale / Wanted
    Want to sell some parts left on my garage for kfx450r: HotCams intake/exhaust cams never used 2070-1 IN 2071-1 E SOLD Thes cams has part number for kx450f but is the same as kfx450r stage 2 Pivot Works front hubs bering kits. I have 3 of this,and are new. Front UPP urethane case saver...