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  1. Strange clutch noise when pull out

    Hi guys, my bike was doing this for 2 years. I already see the plates and they are like new, (hinson plates). When I rev my bike on start and let go the clutch lever, the clutch slip 2-3 times before pulls out and does a strange noise like plates scratching. I already put a new basket and...
  2. Front shock noise! Need Help!

    General Discussion
    I just bought a 2008 kfx 450 and the front left shock is making a loud clicking noise when it is compressed down. The plastic boot seems to move back and forth unlike the other side. Any advice? Thanks in advance, Joe
  3. 08' KFX450 Loud noise until wheels stop

    General Discussion
    I just purchased an 08' KFX450 and it pulls hard and I ride it hard. BUT, while under a hard load at times there is a loud noise almost like a grinding combined with a belt slipping from around the engine to front end somewhere. If you have ever driven an older Polaris with a slipping belt it...
  4. Noise in case? 5th Gear slipping?

    Hello this is my first time posting on this forum but not a stranger to searching on this site for great information! I have a 08 KFX 450r that has been stone cold reliable and has hardly givin me any issues. Today I went riding and I started to notice that 5th gear seemed almost like it was...
  5. Very weird noise help!!!!!

    Please check out this video and tell me whats wrong. Im thinking clutch?? thanks