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  1. Stuck in reverse and neutral

    I was given a Kfx450r that has been sitting for years due to it being stuck in reverse. I haven't dug into it to much yet but so far I have unconnected the reverse cable from the assembly on the handlebar. I also pulled the cable away from the battery box to prevent any pinching and bent the...
  2. No neutral.. any advice?

    Hey everyone, Took out the other day my KFX450r 2008 quad and everything went fine until i returned and had to put it on neutral, apparently i can't find it anymore! The neutral position has always been a little tricky to find when the engine was running, i needed to pull that pedal softly or...
  3. KFX only starts in neutral

    General Discussion
    My quad is only starting in neutral right now. I have swapped the neutral start and the clutch start relays, doesnt help. Tried jumping the 2 wires coming from the clutch perch still didnt start. One thing i am confused on is the location of the clutch saftey switch. IS that switch just built...
  4. 2009 kfx 450 only starts in neutral

    ok i have read a few threads about this already about the wires on the clutch perch and that all seems to be working when i pull the clutch in i can here the relay clicking under the hood but i unplugged it under the hood and ran a jump wire just to double check and it still didnt work need help
  5. neutral and reverse indicator ?'s

    wondering what the part number is for an 08' 450r. The part I need is the neutral/reverse light indicator.
  6. only starts in neutral!!!!!!!?????????

    Important Information
    i have an 08 kfx450..... the bike was always able to start in gear w/ the clutch pulled.... but ever since i installed the baldwin kill switch kit it only starts in neutral.... and i installed my stock switch over the weekend b/c i needed my headlights for night riding and it still only starts...