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long travel

  1. Widening Kit

    Anybody see the front end widening kits on ebay? It relocates the mounting points for the a arms and shocks outward. You guys think it works well? Also was wondering if you could do away with the shock mount ones and use, say, a yfz450r shock which is 2 inches longer, and has more travel, I...
  2. ATV FOURPLAY LT A-Arms +2 +1/2

    General Discussion
    How much should these go for used? I'm looking at a pair with a few comsmetic scratches and the buyer wants $700 for them plus shipping. This sounds a little exspensive to me for them just wanted to know what you guys think
  3. Question about my shocks

    I just got a pair of used Elka stage 4 shocks for my kfx450r and measured them to be 18" eye to eye. Does anyone know if this is their actual shock length? Or if they are just adjusted to be that way right now?
  4. Anyone selling their shocks?

    General Discussion
    I am in need for long travel shocks and wanted to see if anyone was selling theirs
  5. Elka Stage 4 Fronts - Long Travel

    For Sale / Wanted
    - - Sold - -
  6. Looking for shocks and/or a arms

    Want to buy long travel shocks and a arms if anyone is selling theirs reply here or email me at [email protected]
  7. I need help

    General Discussion
    im stuck between whether I should get standard travel a arms +2 that go with my shocks or long travel a arms with long travel shocks. can you really feel a big difference when riding?
  8. What would happen if i ran long travel a arms with stock shocks?

    What would happen if I ran long travel a arms with the stock shocks