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  1. Member Introductions
    Hi everyone. I'm new here and new all together to the kfx450r. Something about it just stood out to me so I just went for it and im glad I did. 08 kfx450r dmc slip on, air box lid off with unifilter, HID lights. Runs great for the most part but in higher rpms its getting a little bit of bog...
  2. General Discussion
    i saw some trailtech lights on sale for a pretty good price. would anyone recommend them? and if not, are there any good suggestions for decent low beans, but power of the Sun hi beams? my last trip to the dunes had me chickening out a lot because i couldn't see 10 feet ahead of me. thanks guys.
  3. Body/Controls/Protection
    I'm curious if anyone knows of any LED bulbs that fit the stock headlight with little/no modifications. My brother's Commander 1000 XT can blind me on a sunny day with its 240w of future eye surgery so i'm hoping someone makes bulbs for the kfx, seeing that LED bulbs are EXTREMELY low...
  4. Important Information
    I am interested in replacing the stock headlights in my 08 KFX450r with some HID's. I did it in my 10 RZRs and it was pretty simple. Bought a kit from DDM Tuning-easy install, etc. Has anyone done it to their kawi? As easy? What bulb do I need and do I need the additional harness relay?? Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results