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kx cams

  1. KX Cams and other things

    Important Information
    Ok, so I finally got to take my bike out for a run after installing KX cams. I love it! A few people people were wondering if you have to run a different map on the procom... Map 9 seems to be pretty spot on with my mods. The quad rips! It pulls harder and I love the way the power hits. While I...
  2. Exhaust cam decompression pin

    General Discussion
    Wholly hell! I'm mid swap with kx cams. While overhauling the decompression mechanism to the new kx exhaust cam the pin and spring cam out from the center of the cam. It's a real SOB to transfer to the new cam. We had to pull some ingenuity to get it to the new cam. Drop the pin through the...
  3. cam install questions!!!

    ok so i am thinking when i get my tax return i am going to put some money in my kfx! i am looking to get a fuel customs intake and some cams. i think i am going to buy a used hot cams stage 2 exhaust cam and was thinking i would just try and find a kx intake cam to save some money. what do you...
  4. that age old question HOTCAMS STAGE2 VS. KX CAMS

    i have been looking and looking and i just dont have a clear answer on which is better! i looked at an old dirtwheels mag where they put kx cams in and they noted that the KFX was not only the fasted during the shootout, but it was a "MONSTER", stating that they would like to put it up against...
  5. new dude here... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

    Member Introductions
    first off i want to say hello out there. any time i have questions, i google or bing the question, and 9 times out of 10 the question has been answered 100 times. so thank you all for that. i have owned my 08kfx450R for almost 1 year, and have only wrecked it twice. well technically not wrecked...
  6. KX Cams and Procom ECU. Any input appreciated

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    Hey guys, I recently read Duster's thread on the Procom ECU and am sold on the product. I have a set of 08 KX450F Cams sitting on a shelf and have a few questions. 1.) Should I first put on a LTR intake tube before doing the Cam mod? Im not sure if I want to drop the cash on a Fuel customs...