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  1. Iso: Kfx450 upgrades

    For Sale / Wanted
    Im trying to find someone with a full set up. Fuel costoms intake , fuel programmer and full exhaust. Please no garbage looking for good name brands prefer exhaust to be hmf, dasa, ect.
  2. hmf optimizer tuning

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    2011 KFX450R. I have a slip on signature series hmf pipe and a hmf fuel optimizer. What setting should I set the optimizer on?
  3. HMF Exhaust

    General Discussion
    What do you guys think? HMF Competition Series slip on or HMF Performance Series slip on?
  4. Problem starting

    I have a full hmf competition series and a lexx fuel controller on my kfx.i think It might need some help with the tuning because it has problems starting. It also has a very touchy throttle right know to. for example when you are coming out of a turn and your holding the throttle steady it...
  5. Fuel controller settings

    I'm am new to these forums.I have a 2013 kfx 450 with a full hmf exhaust and a lexx fuel controller (3 buttons setup) and I was wondering if anyone is running the same setup and what setting they were using.
  6. HMF Ballance Pro Slip On

    anyone ever hear of or use this exhaust? I want to do the fmf/hmf combo was looking for prices on the hmf part of it and came across this also anyone have any experience w thermal coatings on the headerpipe was thinking of a ceramic coating in matte black or cerakote any insight would be...
  7. CT racing Exhaust?

    Tried doing a search but can't find anything regarding the CT racing exhaust. Has anyone used a CT? Read an article on a build by ATV Rider and seems like they came up with a decent combination. Recently purchase a KFX and it needs a new exhaust. Has a Lexx on it which has just about...
  8. Hmf slip-on questions!

    Hello guyss, enjoying the deeeeep snow?I'm not, been grounded(grades)Ha. So I've been babysitting,haha I kno, but we've had the past two weeks of school off and I've finally earned enough for an HMF Slip-on. My question with that is I know on a carb-ed bike a slip on won't affect your...
  9. Anyone running HMF Ballance/Quiet Race Series

    Just curious if anyone here is running any of the new HMF exhausts. I'm considering the Ballance QRS(quiet race series). From what I understand they are tune-able with 3 interchangeable cores. They do look good. I'm running a FMF Q4 on my bike, but I don't see many FMF's on ATV.
  10. PCIII For HMF Slip On?

    Hello. I was planning on getting the HMF Full exhaust for my next quad I was gonna get. Well I ( obviously) ended up getting the KFX450r. After I got it the dealer told us that it wasnt nescessary to get the full exhaust since the aftermarket headers are about the same size as the stock. That...