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  1. KFX450R Leaking Oil

    General Discussion
    Ok I need some help so around September 2015 i bought a 2009 KFX450R Monster Energy Edition has a modquad intake system air filter and a power commander V so everything was fine for a while then late 2015 I was riding it and it just died in the woods I thought it was out of gas so I went and put...
  2. The $1,300 running 08 motor build

    Ok so basically one of my friends found a beat up but running 08 kfx 450. The guy wanted 1800 but took 1300. Hands down the most ratted out "newer" quad ive seen. Anyways it was burning oil and needed the engine torn down. After getting into it, it needs: Cams (current cams are well...
  3. Rebuild suggestions

    I'm looking to rebuild the top end on my 08 and could use some help. Should I be buying a rebuild kit or aquire parts separately? I hear that oem gaskets is the only way to go. I can only access 91 octane fuel not sure if I could bump it up a few points with some additive. Would a 12.8:1 piston...
  4. Head problems

    General Discussion
    I have a 2009 Red KFX450r. I recently replaced the valve cover gasket and upon completion i noticed oil spewing from one of the cover bolts. Upon further inspection i noticed that a bolt stripped out and isnt hold as tight as needed, My question is can i drill and tap it or buy a new piece thats...