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  1. DONE! What do yall think?

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    So I just finished putting on everything I wanted, as far as looks go. The final two additions were the silver Maier race hood and the Douglas DWT Fusion wheels! I was wondering what yalls opinions on it were, or any suggestions yall might have. Thanks! Pic of when I first got it, and two pics...
  2. post your pics, first day to today

    Pictures and Videos
    '08 KFX450r day 1 -FMF Powercore 4 exausht -FMF Power Bomb -FMF power programmer -Nerf bars -Blingstar front bumper Today -New nerfs -Add-on fenders -Pipe wrap -One Industries Masacre graphics -Next to come silver race hood, any other suggestions?
  3. graphics

    does anyone know of a site that can do custom graphics for my white kfx4590r call me crazy but i wanted something different instead of the monster kits i want a red bull kit for mine and maybe add some other stuff help me out guys