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  1. kfx parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    have many kfx450R parts for sale BRAND NEW ACCEL Blaster Coil Brand new tag XT1 handlebars brand new motoworks sr4 slip on still in plastic and box the updated can prm xc front bumper tusk ss rear brake line THE LAST LSR racing produced rear caliper bracket for a trx rear caliper conversion...
  2. HELP Quad won't start

    General Discussion
    2008 kfx450r I went riding this past weekend and randomly my quad died. It started right back up and then died again shortly after. It started once more but died right away. Trying once again to start it the fuel pump did not prime anymore and the front headlights would not work anymore and the...
  3. Project race mod on budget

    Project track mod on budget Hi everyone. I know this is not the first thread on this subject, but I am looking for advice. First a Lithe introduction. (You can skip it if you want) My name is ''Psycho'' I am from Canada Qc I am 36 year old, I bought my Kfx 450r 2013 last summer to...
  4. Top end rebuild help

    I'm looking to rebuild my top end and I would like to start running 100 octane fuel. What compression piston and cams should I be using? I'm unsure if I would like to do a port and polish. Im not looking to lose power anywere if possible. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  5. Gas tank bolt problems...

    So, the right bolt on the fuel tank that holds the side plastic just keeps spinning... So I figured I over did it and now the metal piece that is in the plastic is spinning and that the bolt is still fine... any suggestions on how to fix this? It kind of tough because the threads for the bolt in...
  6. dies after 10 seconds

    start the bike up and it runs for about 10-30 seconds, and it dies out. doesnt matter if its idle, or rev. my thoughts were either a bad fuel pump, or injector. not my bike, but my best friends 08kfx450r. he pretty much had the entire engine replaced after an overheat blow out. new crank...
  7. HP gain?

    Important Information
    Hey, I own a KFX450r Monster edition bike that is pretty much bone stock, I was wondering APPROXIMETELY how much HP I will gain (I know there really can't be a positive answer without a dyno), after installing a DASA Classic exhaust, a fuel Commander 3 and a stage 2 hot cam? Looking around it...
  8. Anyone running race fuel?

    I've been doing research on running race gas seeing as my old 2-strokes loved it. My job is also a VP Dealer so it doesn't cost to much for me either. I've been leaning towards U4.4 (102 Octane, Leaded, Oxygenated, Additives for powersports motors supposedly as well) after talking to my boss who...
  9. 2013 KX450F cam swap

    I am looking for advice from some of the better mechanics and those up on the new 2013 kx450f. I know swapping cams from 08 and up bikes works but with new cam profiling on the 2013 bike I'm curious to see if that same changeover is possible. It is supposed to make the new bike better in every...
  10. new to this forum

    Member Introductions
    hi new to this forum, have had my 08 450 for a year now and am ready to beef it up but have never sunk any money into atvs or bikes. dont know where to start. hopefully you guys can shed some light.
  11. KFX Fuel Pump Problems, HELP!

    So I was connecting my new headlights a few days ago and I don't have a headlight run switch or anything its just a toggle switch on my front hood but all I did was connect the head lights and the switch to a toggle switch and put every thing back on. It all worked well and looked nice until I...
  12. DynoJet PCV

    Does anybody know if the DynoJet PCV will work on a 2008 Kawasaki KFX450R? Does anybody have any recommendations on DynoJet or Procom? How many of you guys run Procom?