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fuel controller

  1. New Member from Maryland

    Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, just wanted to say I love the site. Ive been an active reader before purchasing my first Kawasaki and decided to join after buying my 2009 KFX450r. Previous owner had T-4 exhaust already done. Im looking to add a Fuel Customs Intake and a fuel programmer. Im having a hard time...
  2. kfx450r low fuel light?

    General Discussion
    hey everyone this is my first post her on the forum.. overall had good interactions so far. so i have my 2008 kfx450r and i noticed the light all the way to the right on the dash , i have yet to run my quad low enough to have it turn on. just wondering how much time i have or miles when the...
  3. Advice on fuel controller!!

    Hi, im new to the forum and have a 2010 kfx with a yoshimura slip on and uni Ar filter. I would like to upgrate to a FCI and a fuel controller. i have no place to do a dyno and cant aford a power commander V with auto tune! So what controller do you recomend that would be user friendly or that...
  4. Wtb used dobeck fuell controller

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a reasonably priced used dobeck fuel controller. Using it temporarily until i finish motor work and get to a dyno. Will also consider other 3 button controllers. Thanks. This site has been a great!!!!
  5. Fuel Controller needed with just an exhaust

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    Need help guys just got a 2011 kfx 450 and I was wondering if I needed a fuel controller if I was going to just run a full system pro circuit t4 exhaust with stock air filter and cloded box I am planning to put a intake and fuel controller later when I get more money just got the exhaust for now...
  6. lexx fuel controller help

    Dyno/Tuning Room
    Hi everyone. I searched the forum for lexx fuel controller settings and I am currently using a suggested setting of Mode 1... 3.5, Low rangemode 2...3.5,*mode 3... 4, Mid rangemode 4... 4.5,*mode 5... 6.5,*mode 6... 4.5 high RPMs. I have a fuel customs intake with modified airbox no lid, and a...
  7. bring it to life

    General Discussion
    this is about my best friend. he has an 08. its starting to get hot here in AZ, so with that being said, the bikes get put away for the summer because they overheat too easily... but in the mean time, we get them ready for the fall when we ride 25 hours a day lol. so we are gonna start...
  8. Hmf slip-on questions!

    Hello guyss, enjoying the deeeeep snow?I'm not, been grounded(grades)Ha. So I've been babysitting,haha I kno, but we've had the past two weeks of school off and I've finally earned enough for an HMF Slip-on. My question with that is I know on a carb-ed bike a slip on won't affect your...