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  1. Best rear shock to get for the kfx 450?

    Ok I just got a elka stage 4 rear shock for free basically, so I was wondering how good is the shock. Also who runs it and how does it compare to the other shocked out there.
  2. WTB rear shock elka/fox/...

    For Sale / Wanted
    hello i am looking to buy a rear shock for mx, for stock swingarm and link, looking for ether elka or fox or others also looking for walsh subframe.
  3. stock shocks vs... the world!

    blew every last penny on setting up my engine and New a arms and New spaghetti and what have you. now all i need is shocks. before i I'm that far, how can i tune my stock shocks to give me a little more bounce? they are sluggish! my buddy has a kfx also and his stocks feel way better than mine...
  4. Anyone selling their shocks?

    General Discussion
    I am in need for long travel shocks and wanted to see if anyone was selling theirs
  5. Shocks and a arms wanted

    Does anyone want to sell their long travel shocks and/or a arms? If interested in selling me something please email me with pics at [email protected]
  6. Looking for new or used a arms and maybe shocks

    General Discussion
    I currently have everything internally on my quad hooked up and now am working on external parts. All that I have so far is a new DG bumper and nerf bars. I am looking for long travel a arms preferrably +2 or +3. I would also be interested in new shocks and anyone can name a good price. If you...