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fci intake

  1. ProCom ECU

    General Discussion
    Hoping someone can help me out with this ECU. I got a 2010 KFX with FCI intake and full sparks racing exhaust. Dont have any work done to the internals of the motor. Right now i have the ECU on #8 and it pulls hard, defiantly a noticeable increase from stock. I haven't really gotten to ride the...
  2. WTB FCI and Power Commander for my KFX

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a Fuel Customs Intake or comparable intake for my 09 KFX 450R and also a DynoJet Power Commander (3 or 5) and maybe an exhaust if we can make a deal ;)
  3. 13/38

    General Discussion
    Hey i was convinced to order a 13/38 Sprocket. Im running 21-12-8 Stage 2 buff skat trak 8 paddle haulers, and the below. Someone said i was running too much paddles but i dont think so. It ran good with stock gears, but the front sprocket broke. I ride dunes, and i heard that when im in...
  4. Advice on fuel controller!!

    Hi, im new to the forum and have a 2010 kfx with a yoshimura slip on and uni Ar filter. I would like to upgrate to a FCI and a fuel controller. i have no place to do a dyno and cant aford a power commander V with auto tune! So what controller do you recomend that would be user friendly or that...
  5. Fci filter vs k&n filter

    i am getting ready to buy a fci intake and was just wondering how the filter that comes with the intake compares to a K&N filter. i already have a K&N and was wondering if i could just use that filter on the intake and which would be the better filter. any input would be great!!! thanks!
  6. that age old question HOTCAMS STAGE2 VS. KX CAMS

    i have been looking and looking and i just dont have a clear answer on which is better! i looked at an old dirtwheels mag where they put kx cams in and they noted that the KFX was not only the fasted during the shootout, but it was a "MONSTER", stating that they would like to put it up against...
  7. map for slip on pipe, fci intake!!

    Member Introductions
    I got a juice box pro controller. it excepts power commander maps. about to install everything. just need a a map please!!!!!:)