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electrical problem

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  1. General Discussion
    Hello everybody. Im new to quads and to be honest im new to forums as well. Ive got an 08 kfx450r and i recently was having some battery issues. it wouldnt hold a charge well, so if i had trouble starting it first push, it would generally die before i could get it going. i figured the battery...
  2. General Discussion
    Short and sweet - I was jumping sand dunes along the beach, I ended up on the ground at 40 MPH and my KFX450 ended up rolling in the waves. Of course there is a long version, with good excuses as to how, but regardless, I am still an idiot, man enough to admit it. Now the long part.... Anyway...
  3. Important Information
    Ok so my little brother left the key on the other day after riding my quad real quick so when I went to ride the battery was dead. I had someone waiting for me so I decided to take out the 75 amp or watt( not sure what it's called) charger for quick starts. The red piece fell off the battery...
  4. Engine/EFI/Drivetrain
    Hey guys, new to the site here. I have a 08 kfx450r, and ive had it since new. anyways, i was riding around on my buddys track for a couple hours today. and i went to shut it off and heard a pop. when i went to turn it back on nothing worked. no lights, fuel pump doesnt kick on, gauge lights...
1-4 of 4 Results